Amerlab is located close to Research Triangle Park, a center of cutting edge advanced research in the heart of North Carolina.

Amerlab’s motto is "Invention & Innovation".  With this goal in mind we have launched multiple instruments with highly advanced distinctive features possessing state-of-the-art technology.

Both the AP200 and AC200 use a patented Real Temperature Control (RTC) technique to accurately monitor the actual temperature of the acid. The RTC technique ensures the whole process truly remains in a sub-boiling state.

While providing instruments with excellent performance, Amerlab also focuses on a higher quality customer experience. From our product design to our production teams, we strive to ensure a user-friendly experience. Our designs emphasize ease of use along with safety.

Our design maximizes safety even when left unattended. The AP200 and AC200 are both equipped with a PTC heater, which can automatically limit the maximum temperature.  There is no danger of combustion or overheating as the heating mechanism is not capable of exceeding the safe temperature.  Advanced non-contact liquid sensors continuously monitor any dangerous acids and other reagents constantly so that dry running and liquid overflow will not occur.

Upholding the "Invention & Innovation" concept, Amerlab will continue to introduce more accurate, customer friendly and safer instruments that will earn accolades from experts and users.

Product Innovation

In 2015, Amerlab set the bar for labware cleaning with the AC100 Auto Ultra Cleaner which offered a unique three-in-one unit capable of automated acid steam cleaning, rinsing and drying. This innovation offered new levels of efficiency and quality control while receiving great reviews by the market. Today, Amerlab introduces the AC200 which combines the best features of our previous unit while offering pre-cleaning and many other innovative functions.

With our motto “invention and innovation”, Amerlab launches the all new acid purification system, AP200, to follow-up the highly successful AP100 model. AP200 keeps all the original technologies applied in AP100 while evolving to be more efficient, safer and more user-friendly all the while including multiple patent technologies. Along with its outstanding performance, the AP200 redefines acid purification systems.

Latest News

Our Russian distributor, Energolab, is attending this largest international exhibition of laboratory equipment and reagents in Russia.

Our team will join over 1000 other exhibitors to present the latest innovative laboratory equipment and technical supplies!

Visit Amerlab in Hall 2 Booth 120 this year!

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